6 Kick-Ass Evidence-Backed Reasons to Drink More Water

It’s summer in Israel and boy, is it HOT.

I swear, I can take a cold shower, rinse all the sweat off, and then step out of the shower back into a muggy bathroom and be right back to where I started before I showered. Makeup melts a la Mulan Matchmaker, pit stains abound, and you’re never really sure if you’re wiping water or sweat off after the shower. All that being said, you can imagine that water intake is EXTREMELY important.

It’s no secret that our bodies need an adequate consumption of water to function. I never really liked water as a kid (boring!), but somewhere along the way I happened to read in a magazine that staying sufficiently hydrated can do wonders for your complexion. It sounds really dumb, but I had honestly never given my hydration levels much thought! Sure, I’d drink water if I was exercising or super thirsty on a hot day, but it wasn’t anything I gave much attention to.

I happen to think water is the most satisfying thing in the world now, and it’s pretty much all I ever drink! When I’m hydrated, I have tons more energy, glowing skin, get sick less often, and don’t have to deal with headaches. My body just functions much better, and that in itself leads to a better mood! Sure, you might have to pee a lot more at first, but that’s a pretty small price to pay for how amazing you’re going to feel!

Why Hydrate?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Drinking water is healthy.  But do you know exactly why? Aside from being an overall good way to take care of your body, what are the specific benefits of drinking enough water?

Here we GO!

  1. Banishes nasty headaches

    I don’t know about you, but if I’m not drinking enough water, tension starts to creep up in my temples and before I know it they’re pulsing. Usually, getting back on track by guzzling some water can help ease the symptoms, but the best thing is to prevent those headaches from happening in the first place. Tension headaches are often caused by fatigue, which can be a result of dehydration. Give your body the hydration it needs and keep those pesky headaches away!

  2. Gives your skin a gorgeous glow

    This is what got me to start drinking up throughout the day! While I’m not going to claim that staying hydrated is going to clear up acne outbreaks or more severe skin concerns, I speak from personal experience when I say that drinking enough water every day gives your skin a radiant glow that you really can’t get from anything else. Water keeps your skin cells hydrated and plumps up the skin so that it’s more elastic and less likely to crack or become irritated. Keep your water intake up and your skin will look way less dull–you’ll literally glow!

  3. Flushes out toxins

    This is another big one. Drinking enough water gives your kidneys the hydration they need to filter out waste products from the blood and urine. You may be running to the bathroom a lot more, but it’s because you’ll be flushing the unneeded substances out of your body and keeping everything flowing smoothly.

  4. Gives your weight loss a leg up

    First off, drinking more water increases your resting energy expenditure (the number of calories your body burns while you’re at rest). That in itself is pretty great, but then when you consider the fact that drinking water instead of sugary beverages (think soda) will no doubt lead to a lot fewer calories being consumed, it’s REALLY great. Seriously, you guys. Soda is evil! You’ll notice SUCH a huge change just by switching over to water instead of sugary drinks. Plus, water makes you feel full even without the calories!

  5. Relieves constipation

    Constipation has a lot to do with how hydrated your colon is. When you’re not hydrated enough, your stool gets hard, dry, and not very fun to pass. When you’re properly hydrated, however, less water will be withdrawn from your colon and things will be a lot…smoother. The next time you’re feeling constipated, try upping your water intake to get things back in order.

  6. Increases alertness and energy levels

    THIS is what keeps me drinking water every day. The difference in my energy levels on a day when I’m adequately hydrated as opposed to a day where I’m just downing coffee instead of water in an attempt to get myself moving is insane! If you know me, you know how much I love my coffee, but nothing can replace the rejuvenating effect that water has on the body and mind. Hydration levels have a pretty big impact on the way the brain functions, so by drinking enough water each day you’ll find you have improved focus and concentration. For those of us who struggle with depression and anxiety, having a clear mind is ah-maaaazing.


So, how much water should you really be drinking? The guideline you’ve probably always heard is eight 8-oz glasses per day (64 total ounces). This is a great place to start, but I would encourage you to view it as a MINIMUM. If you really want to see differences and keep your body functioning at its best, make drinking water a self-care priority.

Since I aim for 2 liters minimum per day, I got a special water bottle to help me track how much I’m drinking throughout the day. Mine is bright green and has lines showing how much I should have drunk according to what time it is. It’s also got encouraging little reminders at each line, and if I fill it up 2.5 times, I’m done with my water intake for the day! It’s a really fun way to keep track of how much you’re drinking without having to use some sort of annoying app to log it. I got mine at Super Pharm here in Israel, but here’s a link to some super fun ones available online. Any bottle that makes you happy and excited will be just fine!

Have an excellent weekend, give yourself the time and care you need, and I’ll see you back here next Friday! ❤

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