Nebraska, the Good Life!

Well, here I am in Nebraska.

Last week was one of the toughest weeks I’d had since moving to Israel, and on Sunday morning I decided I needed to take a step back from my life in order to see things a little bit more clearly.

I’ve been learning how meditation is really just the practice of observing our thoughts without judgment instead of becoming entangled in them; this is what I realized I needed to do about some situations in my life, too. So, after letting my job and professors know I’d be peacing out in about 48 hours, I booked a flight for Omaha. It was the best decision I’ve made in a LONG time.

I’m looking forward to eating some good American (and Korean) food with my friends, playing guitar and ukulele with my dad and brother, getting to attend an old bestie’s wedding, blogging at the Coffee House, and spending some much needed time with my yoga teachers. Yoga Break will be back this week, and I’ll also try to get some self-care tips headed your way by the weekend.

Hooray for making hasty decisions that turn out to be great ones! 😀


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