Weekend Self Care: Hug Yourself

The title says it all! This weekend's self-care tip is to hug yourself. If you're a person who likes giving hugs, you know how comforting an embrace from someone can be, whether it's a family member, a best friend, a small child, or even a pet. However, this tip is especially useful for those of... Continue Reading →

Weekend Self Care: Splish Splash!

Okay, so maybe don't actually splash around in the bathtub because that's not the most fun thing to have to clean up (especially when you're aiming for relaxation), but you get the idea. This week's self-care tip is one of my absolute favorites: take a bubble bath! I know, I know. Most of us take showers... Continue Reading →

Weekend Self Care: Laugh

To be honest, I don't even think you need me to tell you this week's tip. You know this! However, sometimes we do need a gentle reminder to be proactive about even the simple, obvious things, especially when we aren't in the mood for it. Consider this your reminder! I have struggled with depression on and off... Continue Reading →

Weekend Self Care: Have a Coffee

It could just be because I was raised by a Swedish mother and grandmother, but coffee to me is more than just a caffeine kick. When I was young, Grandma would have her afternoon coffee like clockwork, and although I didn't drink coffee yet, that time meant milk with graham crackers and frosting for me.... Continue Reading →

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