The Blank Slate of Non-Attachment

Join the conversation about what it means to let go of your death grip on the outcome and simply flow.

Yoga Break: Samadhi

Alright, guys. We've reached the culmination, the final branch of the Eight Limbs of Yoga: Samadhi. Even if you don't run in yogi circles or attend yoga classes, you may have heard this word. It's often translated as "enlightenment" or even "bliss", but as a language nut, I don't think these translations can even begin... Continue Reading →

Meditation For Change & Letting Go

Because I believe it's important to be honest, both with ourselves and others, I'll come right out and say that I have a hard time letting go. In fact, when I first started learning about non-attachment in my yoga classes, it was the one thing I was pretty hesitant about. I don't mind change --... Continue Reading →

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